Tuesday, 22 October 2013


How to prevent yourself from buying a stolen machine.

Sadly, machine theft is on the increase.  At Synergy Products, we do hear from time to time about machines that have been stolen from the sheds of some of our customers.

Whenever, we hear of our customers having lost one of our machines, we always make a note of the serial number, as they do sometimes turn up on the 2nd hand market.

If you are considering buying a second hand machine, always look for the serial number.   This is located on the side of our Turf Aerators and Turf Cutters and is usually a 7 figure number for the Aerator and a 6 figure number + initials of model for the turf cutter.

Then, give us a ring on: 01380 828337 or email sales@synergyproducts.co.uk.   We can check it against our records and let you know if it is a legitimate sale or not.  This will give you peace of mind when buying a second hand machine.

TEL:  01380 828337
EMAIL:  sales@synergyproducts.co.uk

Thursday, 3 October 2013


With the Winter fast approaching, it is time to consider that all-important service of your Groundsman Aerator. Synergy Products is offering a basic service at a cost of £90 + VAT.   This service does not include an oil change. This service operates through the winter period and is fitted it when we are travelling through your area.

For full details, please click here  To take up this offer, please contact us on 01380 828337 or email us at sales@synergyproducts.co.uk